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Most recently we have added to our listings for sale a number of bibliographies of authors’ works, histories of publishers, books on bookbinding, dictionaries, and a variety of books on books.  We have a large selection of books on American history from the  Civil War to the war in Korea including slavery and women’s roles in the Civil War.  You can also find over 200 Modern Library books published from the 1930s to 1970s in our inventory.  These include classics of literature (fiction and non-fiction), philosophy, history, biography, etc.   Our largest selection of books for sale is still fiction in all genres, but we have variety of reference, sports, arts, & many other subjects. 

Our books are available at www.biblio.com and www.abebooks.com.  Search in the box below or go to those websites and click on Sellers or Booksellers and enter Old Algonquin. You can then search for our books by author, title, subject, or key words.  All our books have mylar protective covers over the dust jackets and are not price clipped or marked unless stated.

Author John Dunning 1942-2023


John Dunning, author of a series of books featuring bookseller Cliff Janeway, an encyclopedia of old-time radio, and other novels, died on May 22, 2023, after a long struggle with dementia caused by a brain tumor.  

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